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Our Essence

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Our essence: African cocoa innovation, crafted with African innovation spirit with the goal of sharing the full joy of cocoa with the world.

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It was clear from the beginning that the brand KOKOJOO will serve two objectives.

First, the products under the brand should be a tribute to the potential of the cocoa fruit. That's why Dayog developed a brand name that encapsulates the essence of the superfood cocoa: kōkōjoo. The name is a combination of the phonetic script of the English word cocoa: [kōkō] and the French term for joy: joie. It illustrates our mission of transforming the entire cocoa fruit including its "waste products" to spread the joy contained in the cocoa to consumers around the globe.

Our KOKOJOO-Glyphen

Second, KOKOJOO products are a tribute to Africa, the continent where most of the world's cocoa is grown but least of the world's chocolate is produced and consumed. And where farmers only receive a fraction of the value of their fruits of hard labour and do not benefit from the added value in the production chain.

To create a visual language specific to the brand KOKOJOO, Dayog sought inspiration in the West African Bogolan design. The results are the KOKOJOO-glyphs which are an homage to Africa and to the superfood cocoa. These symbols, unique in their genre, clearly communicate the African roots of our products while emphasizing their uniqueness. At the same time, they educate consumers about the complexity of cocoa processing in order to focus attention on what really matters at KOKOJOO: applying more sustainable and innovative practices.

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