kōkōjoo received the award "Food START-UP of the year 2019" in the category DRINKS

At ANUGA 2019 in Cologne, the world's largest trade fair for the food and beverage industry, kōkōjoo received the "Food START-UP of the Year 2019" award in the DRINKS category as the best start-up of the year. The choice fell on kōkōjoo, as the brand credibly covers three trend themes: fair trade, health and sustainability. In the conventional cocoa processing, round about 80 percent of the cocoa fruit is not used and considered as waste. However, the creation of Pelure de Cacao out of the cocoa bean shell is a clear signal against the waste society, according to the journal Lebensmittel Praxis, the issuer of the award.

We are very pleased about this award and would like to thank Lebensmittel Praxis as well as all partners and supporters who have accompanied us until now.

We also hope to continue to count on you. Because only together we can set a sign against the throwaway society.

More info under: https://lebensmittelpraxis.de/veranstaltungen-lebensmittelbranche/rueckblick/25504-food-start-up-award-2019-so-sehen-sieger-aus-2019-10-07-10-25-21.html

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