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KOKOJOO in Austria

KOKOJOO at 2 Minuten 2 Millionen in Austria

KOKOJOO coming face-to-face with racist treatment of African entrepreneurs.

#2Minuten 2Millionen

kokojoo 2 Minuten 2 Millionen 

Through our Berlin-based branch kokojoo food Europe GmbH – Germany, KOKOJOO participated in the startup show 2 Minuten 2 Millionen (26.05.2020) in Austria. Although all investors appreciated our “Pelure de Cacao” (now kokojoo original), they refrained from investing, saying that the valuation is too high. Our founder Dayog and managing director of kokojoo Food Europe GmbH in Berlin was looking for an investment of 300,000 euro and was willing to give up 20% of kokojoo Food Europe GmbH. 

Our founder could accept the rejection. However, what he would not accept under any circumstance was the way in which we was treated both before and after the production of the show. Above all, the way in which investor Haselsteiner spoke to him was unacceptable. For example, after the show he learned that he had said:

“It is except that a drink is produced, no added value. No… if it would have an effect… locally…creates employment …avoids throwaway problem…it is however not like that”.

In response to this, our founder Dayog has only one comment:

"Mr. Haselsteiner, on what basis to you allow yourself to make this judgment? Either you have not properly understood the business model. In this case, you could have calmly asked questions to understand the whole thing. Or you didn't care about what I had said in the first place and no answer of mine would have been enough. In retrospect, I wonder if you had behaved in this way if it had been a young white (Austrian) man who had been fighting for your attention as founder of KOKOJOO."

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