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Did you know that nearly 75% of the cocoa consumed worldwide is grown by Black people and in Africa? In 2018 Germany for example imported 80% of all its cocoa from Africa. At the same time, there is no established and visible cocoa brand run by African or Black entrepreneurs based on this very ” African” raw material.

The irony is that it is especially the European brands that export cocoa that push aside small African entrepreneurs with their in Europe manufactured cocoa products.

Now, it’s not that cocoa innovations from Black and African entrepreneurs don’t have great design or quality. In many cases, they are even healthier because they are all-natural. So the problem is different: their products are exoticized, ignored or/and made invisible or the entrepreneurs do not get access to funding. Even worse, innovations are simply copied, reproduced in Europe and the story surrounding them gets rewritten.

KOKOJOO wants to change this. Because it is a question of long overdue equity and justice. We do not use rhetoric that reduces African people to poverty and turns white people into saviors – like: we help African farmers by giving them more money. This narrative is not, and under no circumstances should be, our unique selling point. To give the raw material producers a fair stake is obvious to us. We make the difference through:

Discover the original
since 2018

Discover the original
since 2018

We use cocoa bean shells and cocoa juice
When you think of cacao fruit, only chocolate comes to mind? At KOKOJOO we show you the diversity of this fruit and present the superfood at its best. KOKOJOO is an innovative Black-Owned FOOD-TECH startup dedicated to bringing healthy, nutrient-rich, “free from” & great tasting cacao-based food, snacks and drinks to the market. We focus on utilizing especially so-called waste from the traditional processing of the cacao fruit: cocoa bean shells (cacao bean husk) and cacao fruit juice. In so doing, we contribute to reducing waste of resources while offering healthy and innovative cacao-based products.

Three Reasons
why you
will love

All KOKOJOO products are

free from artificial ingredients, free from gluten, free from lactose and free from any child labor.

All KOKOJOO products are

full of nutrients, rich in vitamins, rich in innovative spirit and provide the basis for revitalisation of body and spirit.

All KOKOJOO products are

developed based on a revolutionary approach, developed to provide an unique taste and made with pride for our African roots.

we feed
three birds
with one scone

All KOKOJOO Products enable

an original and natural enjoyment of cocoa products like the Aztecs, the discoverers of cocoa.

All KOKOJOO Products enable

the creation of added value in Africa via direct cooperation with farmers and partial production in Africa.

All KOKOJOO Products enable

a holistic and sustainable processing of the cocoa fruit by reusing so-called waste from the conventional processing of the cocoa fruit.

Our four Pillar approach

the full joy of cocoa

Cocoa Farmer Network

Côte d'Ivoire

We work directly with cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire, selected according to strict criteria, and ensure that at least 50% of the value chain takes place locally.

9 Days

cacao innovation LAb

Côte d'Ivoire & Switzerland

We continuously optimize our products and develop new ones, taking into account scientific insights. Hereby we ensure that the cocoa fruit is used to its full nutritional potential.

9 Days

Concept Store

Europe & Africa

We offer you the opportunity not only to buy our products directly, but also to taste fresh creations and new products in KOKOJOO concept stores – First store opening soon in Basel.

9 Days

Distribution NEtwork


We work with selected partners to ensure that everyone can experience our innovative cocoa products. This is what being pioneers in the processing of the cocoa fruit is all about.

9 Days

Cacao Innovation
Upcycling cacao by-Products

We are award winner in Germany, France and Greece
Sometimes sparkling, always fruity and with a light hint of cacao.
Experience cacao like never before.

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