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When you think of cocoa, only chocolate comes to mind?

Discover the world's first cocoa-based comprehensive brand!

Founded in February 2018, kōkōjoo is the world's first brand dedicated to the holistic use of the cocoa fruit. We are also the first to industrially transform the shell of cocoa beans into innovative FOOD & BEVERAGE, LIFESTYLE and other innovative products. Hereby we do not only part produce in the countries of origin of our cocoa by-products. In line with our comprehensive approach we also work with selected chocolate producers in Europe in order to locally transform their cocoa bean shells.

Our firstbird

Pelure de Cacao

Looking for something for someone special? what about a set of our new cocoa experience


“A completely new drink! Delicious and perfect as a refreshment between meals. Everyone who loves cocoa will love this drink”

Lucy from Vienna - Austria

“kokojoo's innovative concept has absolutely thrilled me. Through direct trade and production in harmony with humans and nature, they contribute to making the world a better place.”

Wiebke from Teuchern - Germnay

Pulpa de Cacao: Coming soon

a full-bodied experience made from 100% juice of the cocoa pod. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin B and magnesium. The tropical and exciting taste recalls sweet lychees with a light fruit acidity. Enjoy pure or in cocktails. (Due to the novel food regulation in the EU, the launch of Pulpa de Cacao will take some more time)